Wednesday, February 24, 2016

More environment models and our first render test!

Our modeler Jose Morales has been hard at work on more models for our environment! On top of that, he lit the classroom, applied toon shaders, and pulled out an amazing first render pass. Our intention is to paint over the render image (our background will be static) in Photoshop to achieve any extra textured/painterly look we're aiming for, but with how great these renders are it won't take much to get there!

Here's the render without Captain Walters in it:

And here is the same render but with Capt. Walters in it to give us a better idea of how our 2D characters will look in a 3D environment! We'll add a stronger bottom shadow to characters in the final version because their shadows will be attached to the bottom of their "models" as a card.

And here is a WIP to show off more of the models that Jose has completed for us based on earlier office concept art. This will eventually be textured, lit, rendered, and then painted over in Photoshop!

Some of Jose's models!

We are often asked how we intend to show our backgrounds and characters in engine, so we'll answer that question again in here along with many other technical answers! 

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