Thursday, February 25, 2016


One thing we had to think about when designing our game was the sort of font we would like to see in the world, whether it be on stuff within the environment or written on a button. Katie Freeman designed two hand-drawn fonts for us to use since we felt it matched the Sketch Artist style! On top of that, we're using an Adobe font called Courier New Bold for the computer screen, which is the font visible in the interface design post on the computer screen concept.

Here are what our custom font designs look like!

This "handwriting" font is just a simple font meant to look like handwriting but still be neat and legible. It will be used for things in the game that are meant to look hand-written, and possibly for any menu stuff. We'll also be using this font in our Art Presentation for our big game presentation day!

This font is meant to be a little stiffer and more formal looking than the handwriting font above while still looking natural and hand-written. It has trouble showing up the inner shading once downloaded and installed though, so we'll have to work out how to fix that error.
This font will be used more for titling and labels. It could also be used within the world on any posters or signs.

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