Thursday, February 11, 2016

Finalizing some environment designs!

We're in the process of finalizing some of our designs, including environments and their possible User Interface overlays! We want to know what our possible environments would look like in context with the game screen. Below is the final office design by Katie Freeman. It will be eventually modeled in Maya completely by our modeler Jose, and the render from that will be painted over slightly to make it fit into our environment.
There are different versions shown below, a version with the UI and a version without, and then versions of those with a gray filter overlay that would bring the player focus from the background into the interviewed character. There are times we WANT to distract the player from the description of the criminal to make the game more difficult! But when we don't want distractions present, we want to keep the background from being too bust on the small space of a tablet screen. We will be experimenting with the effectiveness of different filter options!

Here is the environment with no filter and no UI. On the right you can see a Check-In doorway. It doesn't show anything through it at the moment, but this doorway is going to lead to a lobby of sorts where you can choose the character you interview next! As the game progresses, it will become a busy place with some interesting characters in it! The UI covers the doorway during an interview with the sketchpad mechanic, but that rolls away between criminal lineups so that you can either choose to get your next victim of crime to interview or you can explore other extra mechanics that we'll uncover later!

This is the environment with the filter but no UI.

Here's the office environment with the  UI but no filter!

And finally, here is the office environment with both the filter and the UI in place. The only thing missing is some buttons and the character you're interviewing!

Our environmental color palette again for reference:

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