Sunday, March 6, 2016

Our Presentation is Over!

We missed this last Thursday's update on the blog, but for a good reason: We had our presentations to see what games might get cut!
Good news though, our game made it! We'll be continuing production on our game until it is complete and eventually published on the Apple apps marketplace. We don't know yet if we'll have any new additions to our art team, but there is a possibility our team might grow! We will find out Monday by the end of the day.

For our presentation, called Vertical Slice, we had to show a slice of the core gameplay of our game with no art allowed, then we had to give a separate art style guide presentation. Our producers and programmers worked long and hard on the gameplay section while our three artists, Katie Freeman, Jose Morales, and Kelly Rodak, worked on the style guide for the game's art. This style guide is what this blog has detailed the production of for the last couple of months! 

Our Art Lead Katie Freeman put together the presentation with all of our artists' work in it, and we'd like to share it with everyone! The images below is our style guide for the art of Sketch Artist.

Here's an animation test that our animator, Kelly Rodak, completed with an early version of the rig:

Here's a video example by Katie Freeman showing some of the UI elements moving around in her UI concept art piece before the slides afterward went into great detail:

Here's a gif of the effect in motion:

And that ended our art style guide! For our presentation, we had a Power Point version (with some stuff missing intentionally to keep it shorter) that Katie presented to the audience, and a printed version that was bound with metal rings and handed out to all of our art professors. It was a really tiring and stressful ordeal, but it really paid off in the end and we all feel that we have done our best! Sketch Artist has an amazing team and it will be exciting to see how our game continues to grow all the way up until publishing time! 

We will try to continue publishing updates in here, but some content in the future will be withheld with the intention of keeping some stuff a surprise for our players!

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